GMercyU's renewable transfer scholarships and grants range from 每年1万到1.7万美元. 

查看我们的所有细节 转学生奖学金和助学金页面.

GMercyU offers incredible scholarships for transfer students. GMercyU also offered me more support than any other college that I applied throughout the whole transferring process. 



Transfer up to 75 qualifying credits from a two- or four-year school to 格温内斯仁慈大学 with these easy steps:

1. 申请GMercyU
  • Submit a 免费GMercyU应用程序 或透过 Common app.

  • Submit official transcripts from all colleges attended. Have them sent electronically from your college registrar’s office to admissions@hkfhs.com. 或者,邮寄到:

    P.O. Box 901

You’ll receive an admissions decision in about two weeks.
2. 获得免费转会评估

Speak with a specially trained GMercyU transfer admissions counselor, who will provide a free transfer credit evaluation and discuss 奖学金的机会!

3. 让它正式
如果接受, 提交订金欢迎来到狮鹫国度!
对GMercyU护理课程感兴趣? See our 转护理页面.
GMercyU的位置 just five minutes from the train station - with a free shuttle!


GMercyU welcomes transfer students from two- and four-year colleges around the country and world! Visit our 大学转学分 有关转移学分的详细信息. 有问题? Our 转学招生顾问 他会告诉你整个过程吗.



  • 巴克斯县社区学院
  • 卡姆登县学院
  • 费城社区学院
  • 特拉华县社区学院
  • Harcum大学

  • 庄园的大学
  • 蒙哥马利县社区学院
  • 北安普顿地区社区学院
  • 伯灵顿县社区学院的罗文




除了下面我们的校园旅游选择, transfer students can meet online with trained Transfer 招生 Counselors! 

Register for a future Tuesday Drop-In Zoom session




Want to know instantly if you've been accepted to 格温内斯仁慈大学? Attend our Instant Decision Day for 转学 and find out! 请注意:呼吸护理, 放射技术, 放射治疗, and 职业科学 applicants are excluded from this event.

10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.



We host three families per campus tour, and students can bring two guests. Find Maps & 这里的方向 to our beautiful 145-acre campus in Gwynedd Valley, Pa. 

平日资讯会 & Tours: 周二和周四上午11点.m. 

工作日之旅: 星期二和星期四下午两点.m.

晚上游览: 星期三下午6点.m.



你可以在春季或秋季学期转学. 对GMercyU护理课程感兴趣? 我们提供三种选择, including a Junior Year Fast-Track program that begins in the summer.

GMercyU的滚动招生意味着 你可以申请 在任何时候! For most programs, you’ll receive an admissions decision in as few as two weeks.

Yes! GMercyU提供可再生服务 转学生优秀奖学金 每年1万到1.7万美元不等.

In addition to merit scholarships, you may qualify for need-based aid. 完成FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) with GMercyU’s school code (003270) to find out. 

提交免费的 GMercyU在线申请 (或透过 Common app) and your official transcripts from all colleges attended. 如果你的大学学分少于24个, 也请提交期末考试, 高中正式成绩单.

您可以将成绩单以电子方式发送到 admissions@hkfhs.com. 你也可以把它们寄到:

P.O. Box 901

Yes! You can transfer up to 75 qualifying credits toward a bachelor’s degree. Our goal is to make sure you get all the credit you deserve. 在你的自由转会评估期间, a specially trained admissions counselor will review with you the work you’ve completed at other colleges and universities to see which courses transfer into your program of choice.

为了简化流程,我们坚持 转让协议 有很多地区学校.  

清晰度的协议 are partnerships with other schools designed to make the transfer process as easy as possible. 一旦你申请, we will complete a course evaluation to see which of your credits at that school are transferable.

Core-to-Core协议 mean we will accept the general education credits completed for specific degrees from a community college.

双录取协议 mean you’re guaranteed admission to GMercyU when transferring into a designated major of choice as long as you meet the eligibility requirements that are clearly spelled out in the agreement. Students transferring under the Dual Admission program are also guaranteed scholarships! To participate, students need to complete a letter of intent.

程序到程序协议 是路径, maps, or guides that indicate how the courses of an associate degree transfer to GMercyU’s major curriculum. These agreements provide guidance for the elective courses that students should complete in order to transfer in with junior-year status.

Signature Seminars are unique to GMercyU and every undergraduate student must take two of them (6 credits total). The Seminars range from a variety of topics and are taught by professors in multiple disciplines. 诚信是GMercyU的核心价值观, respect, service, and social justice are interwoven throughout each course. 这些鼓舞人心的, engaging courses underscore our University’s mission and commitment to making a difference and as such, seminars from other institutions are not transferable to satisfy a GMercyU Signature Seminar.

Yes! 进一步了解我们的 这里的宿舍. When you are accepted and make your housing deposit, you’ll just need to submit a housing application.


Our specially trained 转学招生顾问 are ready to help you! 

Wivina recruits transfer students in these programs:
  • 护理学学士学位 
  • 教育项目
  • 历史,历史/中学教育
  • 公共卫生

She also recruits re-admits and international transfer students.

Call: 215-641-5541
Text: 215-201-4070

Ask Wivina a question or schedule an appointment with her!

Dan recruits transfer students for these programs:

  • 医学化验学
  • 职业科学
  • 放射治疗
  • 放射技术
  • 呼吸道护理

Call: 215-542-4609
Text: 215-309-9606

Ask Dan a question or schedule an appointment with him!

Bryan Plonski,招生顾问  
Bryan recruits transfer students for these programs:

  • Accounting
  • Biology
  • 计算机信息科学
  • 刑事司法
  • 数字通信
  • Finance
  • 自由研究
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Philosophy
  • 心理学
  • 社会工作
  • 体育运动管理
  • Undecided

Call: 215-646-7300 ext. 21528
Text: 215-383-2397

Ask Bryan a question or schedule an appointment with him!